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What is Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale?

Designed specifically for independent, single-store retailers, Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale streamlines inventory management and reporting, automates transaction processing start-to-finish, and makes it easy to track customer information and maintain detailed customer histories. Point of Sale also includes Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007, delivering a true solutions suite that connects point of sale (POS) and financial management processes.

Get started fast with a solution that's easy to use

Minimize disruptions to your daily business operations.

Get up and running quickly with intuitive wizards for installation, store setup, data importing, purchase orders, inventory management, pricing updates, and more.

Count on fast, automated installation for a wide range of hardware devices and peripherals, including magnetic stripe readers, scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers.

Quickly customize POS screens to meet your retail needs.

Add custom buttons and images, display your store name and logo, and tailor screens with the graphics, fonts, and colors that work best for your business.

Learn POS procedures in minutes with a familiar user interface that looks and works like Microsoft Office system programs.

Simplify and speed training for new employees with online tutorials and the "practice mode" option.

Get fast answers to questions and help ensure your system runs smoothly with 30 days of unlimited free support.

Connect retail and accounting processes with an end-to-end solution

Manage both your front-office retail operations and back-office accounting with a true solution suite: Point of Sale now includes Office Accounting Professional 2007.

Count on easy installation and setup that ensures all your business information is connected, current, and accurate.

Gain a complete view of your business and make more informed decisions due to the detailed sales, inventory, and purchasing information that flows automatically across your retail and accounting solutions.

Save time and reduce manual data entry and errors with automatic information updates across both solutions.

Manage cash flow and profitability in Office Accounting Professional 2007 with sales and financial reports based on up-to-date information.

Expand your sales opportunities from the start: Office Accounting Professional 2007 supports PayPal payments, online invoicing, and eBay Marketplace selling.

Work easily with the Microsoft Office system and other solutions

Manage information efficiently across applications and formats.

Exchange information between Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Outlook, including sales, purchase order, and vendor data.

Share reporting information with other programs, your accountants, and your suppliers in formats that include Microsoft Office Excel, text, HTML, XML, or e-mail.

Easily build a database that can grow with your business using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (included) or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (available separately).

Exchange sales data and inventory receipts with Intuit QuickBooks.

Automate transaction processing start-to-finish

Speed checkout processes and help ensure accuracy at the POS.

Process transactions quickly with bar code scanning, custom POS buttons, and an easy-to-use cashier touch screen.

Give sales associates an easy and quick way to check prices, inventory availability, and stock location.

Quickly tailor screens to provide convenient shortcuts to the function keys or department keys that cashiers use most frequently. You can even personalize screen location for left-handed or right-handed cashiers.

Help ensure fast, worry-free card payment transactions: Point of Sale gives you the flexibility to maintain your existing banking relationships or select a new one from a wide range of supported banks.

Verify check payments real-time at POS with support from First Data, a leading merchant services provider.

Manage and track inventory efficiently

Replenish top-selling items efficiently and get rid of slow-moving items so you can merchandise more effectively.

View real-time inventory status such as quantity sold, on hand, on order, and more.

Track serial-numbered items.

Eliminate time-consuming, paper-based tracking and help reduce errors for records management.

Set reorder points and restocking levels to help eliminate out-of-stocks and overstocks.

Identify your best suppliers, negotiate the prices you want, and manage purchasing more efficiently with up-to-date vendor histories, detailed product information, and automated purchase orders.

Receive inventory shipments at the register or in the back office.

Track and pay bills for partial shipments with Microsoft Office Accounting or Intuit QuickBooks.

Easily import existing inventory information from files, Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007, or QuickBooks.

Create and print bar-code labels with a built-in designer.

Export reports and purchase orders to Microsoft Office Excel, text, HTML, XML, or e-mail messages.

Use multiple employee security levels to track and control access and minimize shrinkage.

Deliver professional, personalized service

Improve customer satisfaction, market more effectively, and expand your sales reach.

Reduce customer wait time at the register by processing transactions quickly using bar-code scanning, custom buttons, and touch screen-ready controls.

Provide customers with what they want through better insights into buying patterns, fast checkouts, and flexible payment options.

Utilize multiple pricing structures for markups and discounts.

Provide customer-specific pricing and special discounts for frequent shoppers with automatic pricing tools.

Process credit and debit cards faster without card payment terminals and high transaction fees.

Acquire new customers and build loyalty by offering gift cards through support from First Data.

Help ensure your store is "top of mind" for customers with custom receipts and bar-code labels displaying logos and promotional messages.

Expand your reach into online sales by connecting Point of Sale with your Web site.

Target customer preferences and create customer mailings based on buying preferences and purchase histories.

Remind cashiers about up-sells and cross-sells so they can mention them during transactions.

Analyze data with flexible reporting options

Make confident decisions based on accurate insight.

Create up-to-date snapshots of your business with the customizable My Store view, including at-a-glance displays of important reports.

Analyze current, detailed data with more than 30 interactive, real-time reports, including best-selling items; most productive employees; detailed sales history by cashier, department category, or supplier; and more.

Identify sales trends in every department or category.

Evaluate operations and financials, track results from sales and ad campaigns, and set and monitor business policies.

Maintain tight control over information and improve employee management

Help protect sensitive information, reduce shrinkage and fraud, and manage employees more effectively.

Easily assign RoleTailored user views and control access to sensitive information, reducing the need for you to be on-site at all times.

Track returns efficiently and help reduce shrinkage, false returns, credit card fraud, and unauthorized discounts.

Track employee actions at the POS to help improve productivity.

Track employee hours using the integrated time clock, export information to your payroll system, and compare hours with sales patterns to better predict staffing needs.