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What's new in Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale 2.0?

Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale 2.0 software offers new features and enhancements that help single-store retailers customize their solution quickly, connect retail and accounting processes, offer customers new services at the point of sale (POS), and much more.

Improved ease of use that adapts quickly to specific needs

First-time users can get started quickly, without learning curve frustrations, with new tutorials. Get up and running in minutes with simple install, enhanced store setup wizards, and automated installation for hardware devices. Simplify POS processesand protect sensitive informationwith user roles that help ensure cashiers and managers work with information and tasks specific to their jobs. Switch quickly between Manager and Cashier views, without the need to juggle applications. The interface can be quickly tailored to meet specific needs and reflect a store's unique identity. Retailers can add custom buttons, change images on buttons, display the store name and logo on screens and receipts, and tailor screens with the graphics, fonts, and colors that work best for their business. Move easily into the future with support for the Windows Vista operating system. Additional improvements include: The Program Tray offers quick access buttons to Online Help, Switch User, Function and Keyboard toggles, and Exit. An improved Manager View offers a simplified tree and menu structure that makes it easy to organize and locate entities. Enhanced register properties simplify identification and selection of the journal printer for automatic journaling of electronic receipts. Discount/Total savings amount and Return mode are displayed on the POS status bar. Returned line items are displayed clearly in red color with italic fonts.

A true solution suite: Point of Sale and Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007

Point of Sale now includes Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007, offering retailers a true solution suite for managing retail and accounting information and tasks. Easily set up data exchange between Point of Sale and Office Accounting Professional 2007 using an intuitive wizard, either on one machine or across a network. No expensive servers are required; everything works out-of-the-box. Get up to speed quickly, enjoying the same "look and feel" in both Point of Sale and Office Accounting Professional 2007. Detailed sales, inventory, and purchasing information flows automatically across your retail and accounting solutions, giving you a more complete view of your business whether you're working in Point of Sale or Office Accounting Professional 2007. Save time and reduce manual data entry and errors with automatic information updates across both solutions. Manage cash flow and profitability in Office Accounting Professional 2007 with sales and financial reports based on up-to-date information. Easily track and pay bills for partial shipments in Office Accounting Professional 2007. Create consolidated balance sheet and profit and loss statements in Office Accounting Professional 2007, with the ability to drill down to detailed inventory and sales. Seamlessly track and match purchase orders, item receipts, and invoice payments across Point of Sale and Office Accounting Professional 2007. Extend your storefront to the InternetOffice Accounting Professional 2007 supports PayPal payments, online invoicing, and eBay Marketplace selling.

Enhanced inventory management

Streamline processes with the ability to receive inventory shipments at the POS. Easily separate purchase orders from item receipts. Add to existing item quantities and ensure accurate error reporting with Import Wizard enhancements. Easily make bulk edits with Inventory Wizard enhancements. Use item barcode numbers to differentiate between item universal product code (UPC) and part numbers.

Broader, more flexible payment options

Build customer loyalty and improve store brand awareness by offering gift cards through First Data. Set up personalized gift card programs and quickly and securely process gift cards within Point of Sale. At any time, you can track and report gift cards that have been sold and redeemed. Verify check payments in real time at the POS to help minimize fraud using TeleCheck Paper Check solutions from First Data. Through support from First Data, you can also keep your existing banking relationships or choose from a wide variety of supported acquiring banks to process credit and debit cards.

Enhanced support offerings

Point of Sale now includes free unlimited technical support for 30 days upon product registration. Once the 30day period has ended, there are three additional levels of service available: Free business-critical support and maintenance, an optional annual Maintenance Plan, and an optional pay-as-you-go Flex Support Plan.

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