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Top 10 reasons to buy Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale

As a single-store retailer, you face the challenge of competing not only with big-box competitors, but also with other retailers who are already benefiting from store automation. At the same time, stepping up to a point of sale (POS) solution can seem just as daunting a challenge. Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale offers the best of both worldssoftware that equips you to keep pace with the competition, designed to make the process of replacing your cash register and manual processes easy and affordable. Here are 10 ways Point of Sale can help you transform the way you do business.

 1.  You can begin saving valuable time from the start

For small retailers, ease of use is a mustyou can't afford interruptions to daily business operations. Point of Sale is designed to help you run a more efficient store from the start, with intuitive, wizard-based installation, automatic installation for hardware devices, and easy import and setup for your sales and inventory data. You and your sales associates can learn to use the familiar, Microsoft Office-like interface in minutes. Even if you're new to using a POS system, you can simplify and speed training with online tutorials and the practice mode option. And with thirty days of unlimited free support and rich ongoing support options, you'll have the assurance that you'll get fast answers to questions and support that helps ensure your system runs smoothly.

 2.  You'll replace manual, error-prone inventory and purchasing tasks with automation that helps save time and money, reduce shrinkage, and ensure efficient replenishment

Effortlessly track inventory, view real-time inventory status, and set reorder points and restocking levels. Inventory shipments can be received at the register or in the back office, and you can track and pay bills for partial shipments with Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007 or Intuit QuickBooks. You'll also have the power to manage purchasing more efficiently using up-to-date vendor histories, detailed product information, and automated purchase orders. As a result, you'll save time, reduce shrinkage, and make better decisions in ordering, buying, and pricing.

 3.  The customer checkout experience is fast, smooth, and professional increasing your store's productivity and your customers' satisfaction

By replacing your cash register with automated transaction processing, you can deliver service that keeps pace with the competition. Cashiers work with a customizable touch screens with quick access to prices, inventory availability, and stock location. You'll be able to offer customers the flexible payment options they want through support from leading merchant services providers such as First Data for debit and credit card processing, check payments that can be verified at the POS, and gift card programs. Every transaction can reflect a professional, personalized identity, with your store's name and logo displayed on screens and receipts.

 4.  Your front and back offices work together with a true solution suite

Point of Sale now includes Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007, making it easy to connect sales, inventory, and purchasing information with your back office accounting processes. Data entered once flows automatically across both solutions, saving you time and ensuring that all your business information is current and accurate. Without juggling applications, you can use Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 to manage profitability with sales and financial reports, easily track and pay bills for partial shipments, create consolidated balance sheet and profit and loss statements, drill down to detailed inventory and sales informationand much more. Additional benefits include payment processing through PayPal, online invoicing, and eBay Marketplace support.

 5.  You can reach more customers through online sales channels

When you use Point of Sale with Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007, you can reach a huge audience of potential customers by selling your products and services online through marketplaces such as eBay. You can conveniently list items, check listing status, download orders, and receive payments in real time. After an item sells, all transaction records, including commissions and fees, are downloaded directly into Office Accounting Professional 2007, making both accounting and order processing more efficient. You can also connect Point of Sale with your own Web site through third-party add-ons to provide online ordering for customers.

 6.  You can extend the reach of business information to make better decisions and communicate more effectively

Put information to work and take full advantage of the applications you already know and useby exchanging information with Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Outlook, including sales, purchase orders, and vendor information. Take the pain out of business communications by sharing reporting information with your customers, your accountants, and your suppliers in formats that include Office Excel, text, HTML, XML, or e-mail. Point of Sale also works with Intuit QuickBooks to enable easy exchange of sales data and inventory receipts.

 7.  By better understanding your customers, you can deliver service that increase sales and build loyalty

Point of Sale helps ensure that you'll "know your customer" by empowering you to track and maintain detailed histories that cashiers can quickly access at the POS. You'll be able to offer customer-specific pricing and special discounts for frequent shoppers, as well as mention relevant cross-sells and up-sells during sales transactions.

 8.  Decisions are built on accurate, real-time information, rather than on gut instinct

Point of Sale gives you a complete view of your business with more than 30 interactive real-time reports, including best-selling items; most productive employees; and detailed sales history by cashier, department category, or supplier. Equipped with the right information, you can take action on sales trends, build wining campaigns and promotions, make smart decisions based on accurate evaluation of operations and financials, track results from sales and ad campaigns, and set and monitor business policies.

 9.  You can leave the store site knowing that you're still in charge

Point of Sale offers an accurate, real-time record of all sales transactions and inventory movement, so that you can track returns efficiently and help reduce shrinkage, false returns, credit card fraud, and unauthorized discounts. With user-based roles and tight security features, you can protect sensitive information and ensure employees work with the tasks and information appropriate to their job. An integrated time clock helps you track employee actions and hours at the POS. The result? Control that gives you peace of mind and reduces your need to be on site at all times.

 10.  Point of Sale is designed to be affordable

Along with offering a price point as low as $799, Point of Sale works with your existing computers and a wide range of OPOS (OLE for POS) peripherals, helping you minimize cost and effort. If you need both hardware and software, it's also easy to get up and running quickly with a total solution that includes a retail-ready PC, POS peripherals, and Point of Sale. These solutions are backed by partnerships from trusted providersMicrosoft, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Casioat price points that work with your budget.

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