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Microsoft POS Software

Streamline business processes
Streamline and track business operations, including inventory, supplier management, and POS processes. Process transactions quickly with bar code scanning, custom POS buttons, and an easy-to-use touch screen. Give associates at the point of sale an easy way to check prices, inventory availability, and location quickly. They can access customer information, handle multiple tenders and partial payments at checkout, and quickly create and process returns. Save time and money by integrating credit and debit card transactions at the POS and eliminating the need for expensive card payment terminals and high transaction fees. Make informed decisions with accurate information and powerful reporting tools. Integrate and exchange information with the Microsoft Office System and Intuit QuickBooks accounting software. Make full use existing software investments and share information across applications without adding additional training costs.


Aldelo Pro For Restaurants SINGLE

Aldelo For Restaurants it is the Most Powerful yet User Friendly Restaurant, Bar or any Hospitality POS Program in the Industry for the Price. It is super easy to use, yet powerful and flexible enough to handle even the most demanding restaurant enterprise. Aldelo is a touch screen based software, built completely from the ground up, targeted specifically for the restaurant and food service industry. Aldelo utilizes the new relational database technology to deliver fast data access results, and ensuring you to received the maximum data integrity and efficiency. Aldelo is affordable, feature rich, super easy to learn & use, reliable, and also multi-lingual. Whether you operate just one small restaurant or a franchise of hundreds, we can help you operate your restaurant more efficiently! For the Best Pricing on Multi Station Set Ups Call Toll Free 1-888-965-2776


Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Store Operations

Microsoft Retail Management "Store Operations" POS Software is Built on the SQL Database it provides the most powerful POS Program in the Industry in its Price Class. Microsoft Business Solutions Retail Management System Store Operations POS Software is a complete point of sale and retail management solution for individual retail stores or chains of stores. It enables cashiers to process transactions and serve customers quickly and effectively. Store managers are able to maintain tight control over inventory, pricing, suppliers, promotions, customer information, and reporting. Store Operations POS software supports PC-based POS systems, variable payment types, instant inventory look-ups, and customized service. It enables retailers to use the Point of Sale system to recommend products to customers and provide personalized service.



  2. SALES
  3. Processes Sales
  4. Processes sales fast. Adds customers at the point of sale. Tracks store credits, gift cards, and payouts. Saves and voids sales. Automatically prints detailed customer sales receipts.
  6. Provides Receiving Histories
  7. Quickly prints barcode pricing labels for received items. Provides detailed histories of product price and date of receipt.
  9. Manages Sales
  10. Displays past and current sales. Quickly reprints receipts and displays customer and item sales histories. Tracks item, vendor, and department sales performance.
  12. Create purchase orders to allow you to track what's on order, back orders and short shipments.
  13. Automatically generates purchase orders based on inventory minimums and maximums or sales. Creates reorders in minutes.
  15. Quickly Analyzes Your Inventory
  16. Stores and analyzes department, vendor and class information. Creates powerful reports that provide you with the inventory you need for critical buying decisions.
  18. Manages Inventory
  19. Keeps your business competitive by tracking inventory departments vendors and classes. Provides the information you need for timely ordering and maintaining minimum and maximum inventory levels. Allows you to manage inventory for multiple locations through transfers.
  20. MOBILE
  21. Remote Access From Anywhere

Redesigned to allow you to take advantage of today's mobile and Internet enabled work environment.