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Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless

Expand Customer Service with Table Side Order Entry

Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless is the ideal expansion to complement our Aldelo For Restaurants Pro. Our wireless POS solution enables your staff to efficiently fulfill customer orders anywhere in the restaurant. You will experience better customer satisfaction and improved table turnover as a result.

Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless enables your staff to focus on your customers. Our solution allows you to create and modify orders via wireless enabled PDA devices directly from your customers table. No longer will your staff need to perform double order entry that may cause mistakes.

Increase Server Productivity, Improve Kitchen Response

All orders are efficiently sent to the kitchen & bar for quicker response via wireless network. Best of all, you have access to orders from both the wireless PDA and desktop POS.

Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless is also great as a line busting tool for speeding up take out and drive thru orders.

Fully Integrated with Restaurant Point of Sale

Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless is fast, responsive and fully integrated with Aldelo For Restaurant Pro Edition. Our wireless POS solution utilizes Windows Terminal Services to deliver unmatched reliability and fault tolerance on PDA devices.

Solid Performance & Reliability

Unlike other wireless POS solutions that rely on PDA devices to do all the work, causing slow screen refreshes and frustrating data corruptions. Our wireless innovation is responsive and reliable. In the event of wireless network outage or damages to a PDA, you will not lose any data. Upon next logon to your wireless network, you will return to where you just left off.

Lowered Total Cost of Ownership

Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless is also cost effective. Your total cost of ownership is greatly reduced from reasonable startup investments and lowered ongoing maintenance costs. Application updates are centralized to the server computer only, rather than each PDA devices. Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless enables your staff to focus on your customers rather than the PDA.

Key Product Features

  • Create & Modify Dine In Orders
  • Create & Modify Take Out Orders
  • Create & Modify Drive Thru Orders
  • Easily Input Pizzas, Crust Type & Toppings
  • Easily Work with Modifier Builders
  • Easily Work with Forced Modifiers
  • Easily Use Order Entry Functions
  • Send Orders Wirelessly to Kitchen & Bar
  • Print Orders Wirelessly to Guest Check Printer

Wire Free & Mobile

Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless POS solution is a best of breed technology that enables wait staff to be truly wire free and mobile.