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Aldelo For Restaurants Pro   Aldelo Kitchen Display Server
Aldelo For Restaurants Pro Edition is a low cost, feature rich and easy to use total restaurant management software for table service and quick service restaurants.   Aldelo Kitchen Display Server allows your POS terminals to submit orders to your kitchen, in real time, for faster production. With Aldelo Kitchen Display Server, your cooks will no longer be frustrated by slow kitchen printers or lost tickets.
Aldelo Polling Server   10 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Dynamics POS
Aldelo Polling Server eliminates paperwork by automatically transmitting daily sales from your restaurants to your headquarters via compressed Emails. Working together, Aldelo Polling Server and Aldelo For Restaurants Pro generate sales reports and mission critical statistics.   As a single-store retailer, you face the challenge of competing not only with big-box competitors, but also with other retailers who are already benefiting from store automation.
Aldelo for Restaurants Wireless   What is Microsoft Dynamics POS
Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless is the ideal expansion to complement our Aldelo For Restaurants Pro. Our wireless POS solution enables your staff to efficiently fulfill customer orders anywhere in the restaurant. You will experience better customer satisfaction and improved table turnover as a result.   Designed specifically for independent, single-store retailers, Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale streamlines inventory management and reporting, automates transaction processing start-to-finish, and makes it easy to track customer information and maintain detailed customer histories.
Aldelo Fingerprint Server   What's New in Microsoft Dynamics POS
Aldelo Fingerprint Server is a great biometric authentication add-on for Aldelo For Restaurants Pro & Lite Editions. Our fingerprint security works with Digital Persona 4000B scanner, enabling your staff to perform quick logons without any additional steps.   Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale 2.0 software offers new features and enhancements that help single-store retailers customize their solution quickly, connect retail and accounting processes, offer customers new services at the point of sale (POS), and much more.
Aldelo Gift Card Server   Tips for Selecting Retail POS Software
Aldelo Gift Card Server is the perfect choice to centrally manage gift cards for all your restaurant locations. Our central gift card server integrates seamlessly with Aldelo For Restaurants Pro Edition, allowing your staff to issue, redeem, and inquire gift card balance in realtime with ease.   If you're like most retailers, you're worried about making a mistake when you choose point of sale (POS) software. I don't blame you. Buying POS software is a big investment.
Aldelo EDC   VARs Eye Slice Of Pizzeria POS Business
Aldelo EDC enables you to accept credit cards whether your business is a restaurant, retail, mail order/telephone order or online. Our payment processing solution is designed to handle each of these business types without compromise.   Corner pizzerias are getting IT makeovers, and solution providers are hearing the ring of cash registers. Other than some big chains, the pizza industry has been a slow adopter of IT technology for its POS systems.

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